Tuesday, August 17, 2010

'E' is for Environment

Do something good for the environment and recycle your garbage. Here in Germany we have different garbage cans. The blue one for paper, the brown one for organic waste and the black one for everything else. Additionaly we have containers for glass and one for tins. In some parts of Germany there are yellow garbage cans or yellow bags too for plastic material.
ABC Wednesday


  1. Great post for the day! We do all need to be aware of our environment and here in Seattle we recycle almost everything and have different garbage cans, too. Enjoy your week!


  2. We in the Albany, NY US don't do nearly enough with the organic stuff, save for leaves.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. awesome hints.
    excellent demonstration.

  4. a very thought ful post for E.. :)

    My ABC W E

  5. Love a colorful garbage bins, more specially if they could help the environment.
    ABC Wednesday~E

  6. Our recycling men will bw here tomorrow. We put out cardboard and bottles and plastic and they will collect them in the morning.

  7. Germany is known for its clean streets and good organization. Good point of photo!

  8. We have the recycling done in a central place so all goes in one bin (except for green waste) and its done at a recycling plant.
    I save all my plastic bottles for my granddaughters. They take them and get money for them.

  9. Ha, how i miss that ! Please have a good Wednesday.

    daily athens

  10. So nice to see how hard some folks work to keep it green. For us, recycling seems to be just a normal way of life. I remember when it all just went into the dump. Thankfully, those days are over. Great E post!

  11. The different colors are a great visual reminder.

    ABC Wednesday Team