Wednesday, July 21, 2010

'A' is for Art

The city of Passau and I, we got a different taste of art. Passau thinks this is a beautiful artwork and I only see an ugly concrete block spoiling the beauty of the Inn river.
What do you think?
ABC Wednesday


  1. Love the river scene.. But can't figure out what is that concrete block supposed to do there? Its not ugly nor beautiful. Just useless, I think (lol)


  2. A for Abstract?
    Hmmmmmmm agree with the comment above. Would have looked better painted red????

    Art for Art's Sake as 10 CC once sung!

    ABC Team

  3. Ah, but it made you think of the beauty of the surroundings! So, that's quite artful!

    I have to agree though: it's just an ugly piece of concrete. Who in their right mind would call that art?

  4. I think I would like it better without the 'art'.

  5. Was that a graffiti of sorts? Regardless of what the concrete thing's purpose is, seeing vandals really ruins the view.

    My ABC Wednesday post is up HERE.

  6. Well its not to my taste but obviously the artist who created it must have thought it was wonderful.

  7. I think you are right...but in the right light and shadow I might change my mind...bkm

  8. Eh, doesn't do much for me. But maybe it's different in person.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. Vielleicht ist gerade dies die Aufgabe dieses Blocks, die Aufmerksamkeit auf die Natur zu richten, jede andere Form hätte das Interesse dann wieder auf den Gegenstand gelenkt.

    Einen wunderbaren Donnerstag dir.

    daily athens

  10. Someone told me once that thge purpose of art is to make youthink. From reading the comments here that is exactly what this piece has done, it has made us think.

    Now whether those thoughts are pleasant thoughts or not os a different story, but the artist did succeed in making us think.

    Personally, I think the river may looke better without it, but then again, who knows, maybe there is a factory across the river, and the concrete block is hiding it...

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday Team, thank you for joining us for Round Seven. I am looking forward to seeing your posts each week, as we work our way through the alphabet.


  11. Hmmm. That piece of art probably didn't take much skill, discipline or (dare I say) talent to make. I suppose discipline isn't stylish anymore, and we'll never have another Michelangelo.

    Oh dear, that sounded q. bitter! Haha.

    Thanks for the post! Thought-provoking.


  12. How interesting! Not sure what the reason is for placing it in that particular place. Hmm.

  13. I'm pretty traditional in my taste in art, but I don't mind the gray block. In its sharp, well-defined edges, it contrasts interestingly with the foliage and water you show in your photograph. Do I love it? No. Is it OK in small doses? Yes. Good luck in your exams.