Friday, April 3, 2009

A closed door

First, thanks to koala for the idea to post bigger photos. My photos have the same size than usual but now it appears bigger in the blog than before! I had some trouble with posting a bigger size but I hope I fixed it now. You can click on every photo to enlarge! :)

Second, I'd like to answer some questions about the yesterday post. Not all street lights are fixed on houses. It depĆ¼ends on where the street light stands. When there is a lot of space they are usually on poles. In the old town of Passau the streets are very narrow. I'll post some photos later so that you can see that. Most street lights which are located in the old town are fixed on houses just for the reason it looks pretty and you got more space to walk or drive. :)
About the baloon thing... I have no idea if we talk about the same but I think it is a flat ballon when youare talking about the lamp shade thing abouve the bulb (hard to explain in English).

Well, today you get a photo of a closed and locked old door in a street i forgot the name of. 

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