Saturday, June 13, 2009

Doesn't look like Bavaria?

Well, that actually IS Bavaria, even it looks a little bit like beach. I took this one on a walk along the Inn banks.
I really love the Inn because there's something mystical about it - well, at least this is my opinion. The river flows very quick and there are everywhere kinds of eddy water and stuff... additionally the water looks very green which is pretty cool, too. Definetly no river to swim! And that's the reason why there are live savers like this one along the party of Inn banks where many people go for a walk.
If you come to Passau I really recommend going for a walk there! Especially in the evening when you can watch sunset too. It's pretty romantic there.


  1. Nice photo; Bayern? warum nicht? Gruss Gott

  2. Guten Morgan! Wie laufts? A lovely walk indeed as I imagine from your photo. Herzliche GruBe von Geburtstagskind bei EAGAN daily photo